This compulsory measure was created with the objective of identifying and reducing the salary gap between men and women, creating a transparent remuneration system that allows access to its information by all the agents involved in the company or organisation. It is also an opportunity to encourage an internal debate on the reasons behind the gender pay gap and to promote initiatives to reduce it.

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What is a salary record or audit?

“This is a quantitative record (not nominative) that collects the average values of salaries, salary supplements and extra-salary payments, with data disaggregated by sex and distributed by professional groups, professional categories or jobs of the same or equal value. It is necessary to identify the causes of the wage gap using objective elements that cannot be labelled as discriminatory and on a mandatory basis if the wage gap exceeds 25%.
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Who can access this information?

All workers have the right to access, through the legal representation of workers in the company, the wage register of their company.
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Who can perform the salary audit?

At Trivière Partners, we recommend that salary registration be carried out by people with specialized training in equality to ensure the use of validated tools and the correct interpretation of the results, i.e. the conclusion of whether the differences found are due to gender or other reasons. In addition, it is very likely that companies will be required to carry out an external audit, carried out by accredited and independent auditing entities that have professionals trained in gender equality and equal pay.


To the extent that organizations are able to maintain balanced compensation systems we will project an image of effective equality and are more likely to outperform our competitors by attracting the best talent. As organisations, we cannot forget the commitment and responsibility that a remuneration policy entails and the impact it can have on its stakeholders.


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