EFQM Model Seal Trivière PartnersModel of Excellence of the European Foundation for Quality Management: EFQM300

Certified activities: Development and implementation of training activities.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001:2008 is the basis of the quality management system.

The Educa-system group has held this certification since 2006.

ESADE Business School

The ESADE School of Business Administration and Management awards the best business project launched by its MBA students.

Educa-System won this award in 2003.

Educa-System Group

The Educa-system Group is a certified sustainable company with responsible management of the environment.

Professor Educa-System Group

The teachers of Educa-system Group are selected under a rigorous quality method.

Insights Discovery

We are Licensed Practitioner to perform the analysis of the company’s employees through the powerful tool of HR Insights Discovery.